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Spanish oil, Philippine ingenuity: Doña Elena launches Chef Ambassador Series Campaign


Doña Elena has collaborated with two of the country’s best chefs: Locavore’s Executive Chef Mikel Zaguirre and Raintree Restaurant’s Corporate Chef Kalel Chan to launch its Chef Ambassador Series Campaign.  The campaign aims to seek out those who are making waves in the culinary scene and are game changers in the industry.

As the consistently number one olive oil brand in the Philippines, Doña Elena has focused on providing us with only the best oil to cook, fry, and enjoy with. The brand understands what makes a meal truly special: having a great sense of taste, creating a seamless blending of flavors, and of course, using only the best ingredients.

Chef Kalel infuses Doña Elena to traditional recipes

Chef Kalel is known for his innovative take on traditional dishes. However, what most people don’t recognize is how much Chef Kalel emphasizes the importance of using healthy ingredients in his creations. In his latest recipe using Doña Elena Olive Oil, he makes a Spanish Style Balsamic Bangus Belly which is something anyone can replicate at home.

“Low fire cooking is the key to allow the ingredients to further concentrate its flavors, tenderize the meat, reduce shrinkage, and retain its form,” Chef Kalel explains.

Chef Mikel uses Doña Elena for added flavor

Chef Mikel believes in keeping all elements of the dish intact. By this, he means that dishes can still be imaginative without taking away the texture, balance, and presentation.

For example, his Mexican-inspired chimichurri is “a classic pair that’s bouncing with aromatic, garlicky taste with Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the main ingredient that binds. I recommend using mortar and pestle because there’s nothing like making your sauce by hand for a more flavorful result.”

Both chefs say that they prefer using Doña Elena because it is the healthier alternative to conventional oils. This means that the brand not only heightens flavor but encourages healthy eating habits as well.

“We are proud that Doña Elena continues to be the country’s most trusted brand for olive oil not just by our loyal consumers but even by today’s most renowned local chefs,” says Abbie Ng-Reyes, Fly Ace Asst. Vice President for Marketing.

To learn more about the brand, visit this website.

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