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Retirees say “future fund” allows them to live what they love

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To help Filipinos learn more about how to prepare early and what to expect upon retirement, AXA Philippines invited former executives to talk about their personal experiences.

Award-winning author, newspaper columnist, and former advertising executive Barbara Gonzales grew tired of the pressures associated with managing a large, family-owned advertising agency. She opted for a less stressful, more meaningful and productive retired life of making jewelry and conducting seminars on writing. She said, “Do what you want and have fun! Life should not end when you reach retirement age. It’s just the next phase.”

For TV executive-turned-entrepreneur Jose Ramon “Monchet” Olives, preparation is important to be able to enjoy retirement, “You have to take care of yourself, as life can send you something unexpected.” He further noted how happiness is vital to wellbeing after retiring. Nowadays, he spends his time as the general manager and head designer of the family’s handcrafted fan business, “What’s important is to be happy. I started with designing one fan, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.”

Gonzales’ and Olives’ retirement stories and those of many others are what inspired AXA to come up with Retire Smart. According to AXA Philippines Wealth Management Director Tony Isidro, “We launched Retire Smart to help people build a future fund they can use to live what they love upon retirement.” Retire Smart is purposely designed to help Filipinos strategically build a retirement fund and offers life insurance coverage for protection from life’s uncertainties. To learn more, visit axa.com.ph today.

(L-R) Entrepreneur and former broadcast executive Jose Ramon “Monchet” Olivez and former advertising executive Barbara Gonzalez.
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